Recovery Act Results

WDCSC is working with community partners to ensure that ARRA funds are spent quickly and transparently to serve the workforce needs of Snohomish County in the most efficient and effective manner. WDCSC is focusing much of its spending of ARRA funds on the following key areas: 1) providing workforce development services to Snohomish County residents, 2) building workforce development system capacity, and 3) increasing the capacity of local education and training providers.

Download the report Snohomish County Impact: Federal Recovery Act Funds here.

WDCSC Recovery Act Activity

Various programs funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) investments are producing results in retraining and employment.  Worker retraining, digital literacy, and employment search assistance are providing opportunities to help people move into high demand occupations.  

Dislocated Workers:



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